X Training is a measurement of muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

3 categories on offer so we can cater for complete beginner right up to experienced X Trainer.

X Training is measurable, provides focus and is perfect for goal setting.


David Lloyd, Botley Road, West End, Southampton,
SO30 3XA
Date: 02/03/2019
Entry: FULL
Complete the course in the quickest time possible.
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Novice Course

Watt Bike1.5km1.5km
Bench Press40 reps @ 20kg40 reps @ 15kg
Alt Squat Thrusts80 (40) each leg80 (40) each leg
Sit Ups4040
Bench Jumps60 (30) each side60 (30) each side
Run500m @ 5%500m @ 5%
Box Steps50 @ 10kg50 @ 5kg
Shoulder Press40 reps @ 15kg40 reps @ 10kg
Concept2 Row500m500m
Load Carry6 x 15m 14kg each hand6 x 15m 10kg each hand
Intermediate Course

Watt Bike2.5km2.5km
Bench Press50 reps @ 35kg50 reps @ 20kg
Alt Squat Thrusts130 (65) each leg130 (65) each leg
Sit Ups6565
Bench Jumps100 (50) each side100 (50) each side
Run650m @ 10%650m @ 10%
Box Steps100 @ 10kg100 @ 8kg
Shoulder Press50 reps @ 20kg50 reps @ 15kg
Concept2 Row650m650m
Load Carry6 x 15m 20kg each hand6 x 15m 14kg each hand
Advanced Course

Watt Bike3.5km3.5km
Bench Press50 reps @ 50kg50 reps @ 30kg
Alt Squat Thrusts200 (100) each leg200 (100) each leg
Sit Ups100100
Bench Jumps160 (80) each side160 (80) each side
Run1000m @ 10%1000m @ 10%
Box Steps100 @ 16kg100 @ 10kg
Shoulder Press50 reps @ 30kg50 reps @ 20kg
Concept2 Row1000m1000m
Load Carry6 x 15m 30kg each hand6 x 15m 20kg each hand