P Fit offers full control to our athlete for load and riser height allowing you to design your own course.

It’s a fresh approach to X Training, perfect for beginners to join our friendly community and try X Training for the first time whilst offering a challenge for the more experienced X Trainer.

P-Fit Challenge 38:00 is a personal fitness challenge to test your strength, stamina and overall fitness level. The challenge is simple, 10 exercises, 2 minutes on each with a 2 minute rest in between. The test is to see what you can achieve within the 38 minutes. The target is to see what you are made of, what can you achieve?
The reward: a scorecard with your personal score (to use for future improvement) a shiny new medal and a T-Shirt to prove you were up to the challenge!  
To make things a little more interesting, there are also trophies and prizes awarded to the overall male & female winner and top 3 in each age category!
Go on, test yourself and see what you are made of!

Location: Unit 2, Four Pools Industrial Estate, St Richards Rd, Four Pools Industrial Estate, Evesham WR11 1XJ
Date: 02/09/2017
Entry: Open
2 minutes on 2 minutes recovery for 10 stations.

ExerciseLoad/Riser Height OptionsScoring
Concept2 RowDistance X 2
Alternate Hand TapReps X 10
Upright Row4/8/12/16KGLoad X Reps
Box Steps10/15/20/30KGLoad X Reps
Bench Press15/20/25/30KGLoad X Reps
Bench Jumps10/12/14 RisersRiser Height X Reps
Lateral Box Jumps4/6/8 RisersRiser Height X Reps
WattbikeTotal Distance
Alternate Squat ThrustReps X 10
12m Cone TransferCones X 100